Network Infrastructure


It would be nearly impossible today, to run even the smallest business without a computer or mobile device. But, there's always more to it than that, isn't there? Even a one-person shop needs a router, firewall, WiFi (wireless), printers, etc. All of these pieces and parts form your network infrastructure. However, no matter the size, you network must be properly configured, secure and efficient. At Intratela, that's what we do. From installing new cables, to recommending the best hardware, to setting up and configuring your server and monitoring it on a daily basis, we do it all. Let us worry about your network, while you focus on managing and growing your business. We specialize in Microsoft's Windows Small Business Server and Windows Server 2012 Essentials.

Cloud Services


Large companies have been using the power of Microsoft Exchange to give their employees very effective communication tools for years. When combined with Microsoft Outlook, the integration of e-mail, calendar and tasks become invaluable in organizing one's daily activities. And, Microsoft SharePoint allows teams to share information, develop workflows and collaborate on projects like never before. However, for many small businesses, these tools have simply been out of reach. The cost of software licensing, expensive hardware and IT expertise required to install, run and maintain made it impossible to implement for most. Office 365 changes all that. For the cost of a fancy cup of coffee (per month), anyone can gain access to the same software and services that the "big guys" have been using for years. Whether you are a one-person shop or fast growing company with dozens of employees, office 365 is an affordable solution that you won't want to be without. And if you're thinking of upgrading to the latest version of Microsoft Office, but don't want to spend all that money up front, there's an Office 365 subscription that includes the latest edition of Microsoft Office. And even better, the licensing allows you to install Microsoft Office on up to 5 devices (including Macs) per license. So you can edit that Microsoft Word document or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet on all your devices.

At Intratela, we practice what we preach. We use Office 365 ourselves and view it as an essential part of our business. In fact, we found that since we got rid of our on premise Exchange and SharePoint server, the cost savings on electricity alone more than pays for the Office 365 subscriptions. We've also gained other tangible benefits as well, such as using Microsoft Lync to instant message and video conference with clients to provide better, faster and more effective technical support. If you would like to learn more about Microsoft's Office 365 cloud services, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Custom Software


We develop software for the Microsoft .NET platform. Whether you need a Desktop application (Windows Forms), a modern Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 app, an MVC web app or just a website featuring Twitter Bootstraps adaptive design (works on phones, tablets and desktops), Intratela can build a custom solution to your exact specifications.

Wireless Security


Is your wireless network secure? Are you sure? If not, your network and your data are at risk.

Too many people just buy a new router, plug it in and forget about it. It's that easy, but it's not secure. It's like leaving your car unlocked with the keys in the ignition. And, choosing the wrong security settings can be just as ineffective at keeping out intruders.

But, who would want to hack into your network? And why? You'd be surprised. It could be anyone and for any number of reasons. It could be a spammer using your Internet connection to transmit millions of junk e-mail messages. It could be someone sharing illegal images. It could be an identity thief trying to hack your computer to extract personal information, bank account logins, etc. Whatever the reason, intruders will try to hack your wireless network.

Needless to say, securing your wireless network is very important. We can help. Protect yourself, your family, your company... just give us a call.




Antivirus software is NOT optional. You simply must have it or your business is at risk. Furthermore, the vast majority of infections can be prevented by following a simple set of precautions:

  • Use Windows Update to automatically update and fix security vulnerabilities that are discovered (you must have a valid copy of Windows for this to work).
  • Download and install a recognized antivirus solution (free or paid) and make sure it is set to automatically download updates. If you have a paid version, make sure it is renewed every year. A free version is better than an outdated/expired paid product.
  • Do not download and install software from unknown websites
  • Do not open e-mail attachments from unknown sources and scan attachments with your antivirus program before opening them.
  • Most user accounts should be configured as "restricted users", so that they cannot install software.

Considering that there are plenty of good FREE antivirus programs available, there's no excuse not to have one. We can help you select, install and configure an antivirus solution that will protect your network.


Disaster Recovery


What would happen to your business, if you lost all your data overnight? Your financial files, you customer orders, your sales, your contacts, everything... gone! Companies are so dependent on computer systems today that they probably would not survive such a disaster. Theft, fire, flood or even hardware failure could wipe out years worth of information with little or no chance of recovering any of it.

Unless... you have a plan. However, experience has shown that most people have no plan, no protection at all against a sudden lost of data. But, a simple Disaster Recovery plan can safeguard all your data, so you don't have to worry.

The key to a good Disaster Recovery plan is to protect against all types of loses under any kind of circumstance. For example, you may be using an external USB drive to backup all your important files in case of a hardware failure. That's a good start. But, if a computer's hard drive were to fail, how much time and effort would it take to return everything back to normal? Re-installing the operating system and all the software, recovering your data and getting things back to exactly the way it was can take days. And it can be quite costly. But, what if your business is destroyed by fire? Both your computer and USB drive will be destroyed along with everything else.

To be successful, your Disaster Recovery plan must achieve two goals:

  1. Backup All Data - Data should be easily recoverable, whether it's an accidentally deleted file or the lost of an entire hard drive.
  2. Offsite Storage - Backup copies should be kept at another physical location to protect against natural disasters or theft.

Possibly the best small business backup solution is Windows Server 2012 Essentials R2 from Microsoft. Some of the benefits are:

  • Backups all your computers (up to 25 - PC and Mac) automatically overnight (or whenever you schedule it)
  • Wakes up sleeping computers to perform backups (conserving energy)
  • Does not duplicate identical files (across computers) to minimize storage requirements
  • Storage can be expanded at any time
  • Can duplicate important files across multiple hard drives to protect against hardware failure
  • Server can be backed up to an external drive for offsite storage or to an online backup facility
  • Deleted files can easily be retrieve in a few seconds
  • An entire computer can be recovered from a drive failure by simply replacing the drive, inserting the recovery USB flash drive and initiating the recovery process

It's a simple and relatively inexpensive solution. You can do it yourself or we can help you set it all up in no time.


Data Disposal


Did you know that people have purchased used hard drives on eBay, which contained confidential patient information?

If you have old computers that you intend to recycle, donate or sell, you need to ensure that any confidential data has been erased before you dispose of the equipment. Deleting the files is not enough, because that's basically the same as tearing out the index from a book. The data is still all there, you just need to know how to get to it. Even reformatting the hard drive isn't enough. And don't forget about backup tapes or disks as well. CDs and DVDs have to be destroyed before being tossed into the garbage, where someone could find them.

We can help you dispose of your data safely and securely according to guidelines set by the RCMP and the US Department of Defense.


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