Our Mission


Our mission is to help small businesses grow and realize their full potential. Let us take care of all your IT needs, so you can focus on what's important, your business.

Our History


Intratela has been managing the IT needs of the Okanaga's small business community since 2006. A small project helping a neighbour to reconfigure and modernize his company's IT infrastructure resulted in the birth of a new company. A company that helps small businesses that are big enough that they require an IT specialist, yet are still too small to hire their own in house IT staff. From its humble beginnings, Intratela now manages networks that stretch from the Kootenays to Vancouver Island. In addition to our expertise in IT infrastructure, we also have over 20 years of experience in software development. So if off-the-shelf software is just not meeting your needs, we can develop a custom app that meets your every requirement.

What's in a name?


Some company names have obvious meanings, while others may have no meaning at all. The word Intratela perfectly describes the products and services we offer in a subtle fashion.

The following definitions were extracted from A Latin Dictionary:

  • intrā - on the inside, within
  • tēla - a web, i.e. a plan, design

Bringing these two latin words together describes an internal web, which has been well planned and designed...

  • Intratela - a corporate intranet, a web portal, a database-driven website on the Internet, your network and everything that lives with in

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